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K-Chain is a a new age e-commerce growth company that provide SMB’s with resources and support that allows them to scale internationally while increasing profits


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Reasons to invest

  • Our unique e-commerce platform will allow our SMB members to access unique products and resources that enable them to reduce distribution costs while providing training on marketing to international markets
  • The market share of e-retail sales is growing. With the trend of globalization, K-Chain provides franchisee services for SMB members to expand to international marketplaces while lowering the production/logistics costs and risk involved.
  • Through international distribution partners and inventory management, members can supply their products in major e-retail market with competitive price and efficiently provide customer support
  • We will offer business advise and back end data analysis to members, to lower the risk of international marketing, regulation and customer service
  • Following the brand positioning, King-Store will setup the strategy and deployment plans to ensure success for our members
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Transforming the E-Commerce Landscape

Our transformative business model provides our partners with access to exclusively sourced products from around the world in addition to a customized e-commerce platform branded for their business. We take all the guess work out of finding product market fit and empower our partners with products that have been proven to be successful in the international market.

King-Store provides online store franchisee services to small and medium sized business (SMB) companies in Asia who want to expand their operations to Japan, Euro, and US E-retail market. Our services include market research, products development, marketing strategies, oversea distribution, and on-line shopping system management and execution to improve e-retail efficiency and reduce administrative costs and risk worldwide for all our SMB members

Exclusive Products
E-Commerce Platform
Logistics Partners

Challenges faced global SMB E-Commerce retailers

There are several challenges faced by e-commerce retailers across the globe when trying to scale. In order to have a competitive advantage and ensure success, small and medium sized businesses must overcome these challenges. Several of these challenges are difficult to overcome given the lack of access to resources that global e-commerce retailers have.

Warehouse logistics is important


Exchange of money with products

Marketing Resources

marketing product manager holding marketing promotion plan

Diversified product line

Stock market prices in the city

Competitive pricing

Business woman working with analysis marketing document .

King Store

King store enables small and medium sized business to have access to resources and exclusive products that enable them to scale while driving down costs. Our business model provides our clients with an opportunity to grow their businesses and help them in key business areas such as distribution, logistics and product development. We plan to provide our clients with products that can only be found on the King store 

King store aims to provide franchise services for Small & Medium size businesses and providing them with resources, products to expand to global markets
We plan to create an online platform that enables our clients to research and participate in product development
We aim to be available on the Amazon Marketplace to ensure ease of discovery for our customer

Our Advantages

Brand Franchise

  • Provide franchisee products to SMB member and ensure brand awareness
  • Quality Assurance that comply with local regulation
  • Implementing Big Data analysis to ensure competitive advantage
  • Operations training to ensure QA and on-time delivery

Crossover Integration

  • King store will develop 4 major product categories
  • King store will help SMB members in product procurement and batched production
  • Following the different area trends, King-Store will develop OEM products for global market with the SMB members
  • Member system will be integrated with supply chain and product development.

Distribution & Logistics

  • Partner with distribution centers and logistics partners in the U.S. and Japan to drive down logistics costs
  • Back end system offers order and delivery tracking to SMB members of our platform

Our plan for growth

Online shopping is a fast-paced, evolving industry. In response to this climate, King Store will offer other services, including oversea distribution center, multi-media production, social media management, public relation, events, ERP system, crowd funding, … and etc. Most of all, K-CHAIN will be prepared for stock listing on OTC market and develop retail channels under its brand name

Market Outlook
Global E-Commerce Trends
  • In 2020, Retail E-commerce Sales worldwide reached USD 3.535 trillion and projected to grow in the coming years
  • Total revenue projected to be growing significantly, even though gross e-commerce growth is slowing down due to market saturation
  • In 2020, the market share of e-Commerce reach 16.1% of total retail sales and expected to exceed 20% within 2 years.
  • Online shopping rapidly become one of the most popular online activities

The majority (54%) of US adult shoppers agree (43%) or strongly agree (11%) that they are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. This apparent willingness to pay a premium for “green” products has increased considerably since the beginning of the decade

Experience to execute


Yuxia Zhang
President and Chairman of K-Chain Group Inc

Yuxia Zhang was born in Guangzhou, China. She graduated from Guangdong University of Technology in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical manufacturing. After graduating from university, she entered Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company and was promoted to engineer with outstanding performance within one year. In 2006, she received a master’s degree in business administration from Guangzhou University of Technology. She has since taught at both Guangzhou Machinery School and Guangzhou University of Technology

Yuxia Zhang mainly focuses researching on B2B and B2C network globalization, and how to establish a scientific, reasonable, legal, and competitive consumer platform among enterprises and between enterprises and sellers. In 2017, she began to conduct field research in Japan and established strategic partnerships with several century-old enterprises in various industries. In 2020, she founded K-Chain Group Inc. and created her own brand “KING-STORE” for using a new brand and a new online franchising model. She has provided B2B and B2C with a fresh and innovative path to success.

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You have lots of experience in investing and want to make sure that the company's will stand their water, that is why KPInvest enables you to directly talk to the company's CEO or management team so you can ask all the questions that ensure the success of your investment.

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