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We help you create a compelling offering for potential investors and facilitate in increasing exposure for your company for investors and potential customers

Marketing Strategy

With great marketing, come great results. We collaborate with you in creating a marketing strategy which promises leads and results for your business

Business Consulting

We help you portray your latest updates and future plans in the best light possible so we can demonstrate your company's complete growth potential to investors

Lead Management

Not only do we help you generate leads for investors but we provide you with resources that will help capitalize opportunities and build long term relationships with investors

How our process works

Small Steps, Big Accomplishments

File your REG A+

The first step is to file the Form 1-A with the SEC to be qualified for REG A+. If you have not yet filed your REG A+, Koch Partners can assist in the filing process. Once your filing has been qualified, we start to create a comprehensive offering to start generate results

Create your offering

It is crucial to present your offering in a manner that highlights for investors not only where your company is now but how your vision will unfold in the coming years and why your business is a good investment! We help you throughout this process ranging from creating compelling pitch decks to graphics & copy that will attract potential investors attention

Plan your marketing

Once a compelling offering has been created, we determine the best marketing channels for your business and offering. During this phase, we also create various landing pages, videos (if needed) and graphics to promote your offering

Attract investors

As the marketing campaign starts to generate leads, we provide resources that will help you not just attract the right type of investors but also how to quickly and efficiently close the investments

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What We do

We assist you in every step of the way in your journey to exponential growth of your company, whether that’s filing a REG A+ or finding investors who are a great fit for your business

REG A Filiing

We can help you file your REG A. Send us an email or contact us via message or chat today to learn more! Click here to get started

Marketing Strategy

After you REG A has been filed, we work with you to develop a marketing strategy that will attract investors for your offering and increase exposure for your business

Web & Graphics Development

The key to a great marketing strategy is its execution, we develop targeted landing pages, images & videos needed to promote your offering and start raising capital for your business!

Pitch Development

A crucial ingredient required for the success of any marketing campaign is how you pitch your business to investors, our team at KPInvest compounds our marketing & business experience to create compelling pitch decks & marketing materials in collaboration with you designed for results

Business Consulting

Making strategic business decisions can determine whether your business reaches exponential growth, our team contributes expertise on the next best business decision, whether that's determining marketing channels or selecting which exchange to list your stock on

Lead Generation

When trying to raise capital, having warm & qualified leads can make a significant difference in the success of your raise. We help you attract the right type of investors that will compound your exponential growth

Working with papers

Why file a REG A+?

REG A allows you to raise capital for anyone interested in investing in your business. Not only can REG A+ help you raise capital but also significantly increase exposure for your company which can be a great contributor to your businesses bottom line.

Anyone can invest in your business

Growth for your bottom line

Raise Capital for your latest venture

Attract like minded investors to advise on business growth

Benefits of a REG A+

There are multiple ways you can raise money but REG A+ proves to be the most effective and barrier-free approach created by the SEC. Small and medium sized business find the best and most cost-effective approach to raising capital when using REG A+

Lower cost of filing comparatively

Comparatively easier and faster than other filings


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Frequently Asked Questions

We generate leads of qualified investors that are likely to invest. We collaborate with you on marketing strategy, content development & implementation to help attract the right type of investors.

Companies can set up their own form of collecting investment. KPInvest can provide services which can assist in quick and efficient process of collection.

The cost can vary from $3000 – $10,000 per month depending on the services needed and the budget of the company allocated to raising capital

When an investor requests more information about investing in your business, they have to fill out a carefully crafted form through which we determine the likelihood of them investing in your business

Yes Absolutely! KPInvest creates marketing campaigns on various channels such as social media and other channels but we’re happy to collaborate with our clients in any other marketing efforts they have implemented