What is a REG A+?

Types of filings

What’s best for your business and strategy

REG A+ - Tier II

Perfect for small and medium size businesses


Ideal for direct fundraising

Working with papers

Why file a REG A+?

REG A allows you to raise capital for anyone interested in investing in your business. Not only can REG A+ help you raise capital but also significantly increase exposure for your company which can be a great contributor to your businesses bottom line.

Anyone can invest in your business

Growth for your bottom line

Raise Capital for your latest venture

Attract like minded investors to advise on business growth

Benefits of a REG A+

There are multiple ways you can raise money but REG A+ proves to be the most effective and barrier-free approach created by the SEC. Small and medium sized business find the best and most cost-effective approach to raising capital when using REG A+

Lower cost of filing comparatively

Comparatively easier and faster than other filings

Comparatively easier and faster than other filings

How to file a REG A?

Obtain an Audit

It is a requirement to have the previous 2 years or earlier depending on the age of the company. U.S. Gap standard audit be completed before a company can apply to be qualified for filing form 1-A to be qualified for the REG A+. KP Invest works with various partners and associates to provide cost-effective and time efficient services for auditing

Prepare the Form 1-A

Once the audit has been completed, there are other document that need to be prepared before filing such as the Tier II cover letter, a legal opinion letter from an SEC attorney and corporate structure document. After having filed several successful REG A+filings, we are well versed in the preparation of these documents and the most efficient process for creating them.

Submit Form 1-A to the SEC

After all your documentation has been prepared, the Form 1-A is ready to be filed with the SEC which can be done on the online EDGAR platform provided by the SEC

Respond to comments from the SEC

Once your Form 1-A has been filed, SEC might have some questions and/or concerns regarding your filing. We can assist you in properly resolving these concerns and facilitate in providing clear answers to SEC's concerns

Obtain your qualification

After all the concerns and questions of the SEC have been addressed, you can finally request the qualification from the SEC to be approved for a REG A+.

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Interested in filing a REG A?

Koch Partners have successfully filed multiple REG A+ filings with the SEC. We have helped multiple companies achieve their fundraising goals by helping them file for REG A+ and other filings. Talk to us today if you’re interested in filing for a REG A+

Ready to start raising capital?

See how KPInvest can help your company raise money and gain exposure in front of investors

Ready to start raising investing?

See how KPInvest can help your company raise money and gain exposure in front of investors