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Frank Speight

Mr. Speight, co-founder of KPI, serves as US – Managing Partner.  Mr. Speight brings 25+ years of market experience including mentoring entrepreneurs and start-up business, reviewing and editing business plans, developing market strategy and facilitating SEC filings.  He has served as the CEO of two publicly traded companies: ERA West (an international telecom provider based in Australia), and American Capital Partners Ltd ( a 1940 Act Business Development Company).  Before his tenure with KPI he served as Managing Director of Palm Beach Capital.  Mr. Speight has a BA in International Business from University of South Florida, and a masters from Emory University.

Peter Koch

Mr. Koch brings more than 30 years of business development and management experience in Europe, with core focuses in finance, structuring, and business development. 

He is the former owner of Peter Koch GmbH Securities Trading Bank, which he sold in 2014. Mr. Koch was active on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange from 1987-2014. He has owned several Swiss and German companies, and served on numerous Boards of both public and private business ventures. Mr. Koch is a graduate of Frankfurt International School.

Sam Lekhi

Mr. Lekhi has started and been a founding member of midsize and startup companies in several different roles ranging from operations manager to marketing director. He bring several years of email marketing, social media and online marketing experience to provide our clients with successful results. 

He also has a technical background in developing, launching and marketing tech startup companies and has worked for Google. 

Dayo Edgal

Mr. Edgal has been part of the KPI team for three years.  He specializes in working as an audit liaison, preparing accounting records for start-up companies and financial analysis.  

He has an earned BA in Accounting from Cal Poly Pomona. Prior to joining the KPI team, he worked with Newegg.com and Bombardier Transportation as an accountant and financial analyst respectively.

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