How Investing Works

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100% Transparency

Our goal is to provide investors with the past, present and future of growing companies so they can make educated investing decision based on their experience & knowledge. Our business model is not based on investment transactions which ensures complete transparency

Comprehensive Process

Our process ensures that the offerings listed on our platform not only a good fit investors portfolio but also help diversify it while presenting a promising future. Our exhaustive process ensures that the companies have growth potential and show promising signs

Vetted Offerings

All offerings go through an application process which are analyzed and examined by our team to determine the viability, growth and future of the company. We review all aspects of companies ranging from growth strategy to business decisions

Opportunities you can trust

View Offerings

All our offerings are vetted & analyzed by our team and have to go through our own due diligence process. Once we determine the best and most efficient approach for them, we help them create marketing materials which will portray their company’s present and future in the best light for investors and highlight their true potential

Your own due diligence

You have accumulated a lot of business & marketing experience which you want to use to determine the potential of any company which is why at KPInvest, in addition to our own due diligence we provide potential investors with all relevant information so you can make the investing decision based on your experience and knowledge of the industry

Request information about offering

Once you determine that there is potential for growth in a company, you can request information about the offering and one of the executive team members will be in contact with you to answer any questions you might have and resolve any concerns


When you’re finally ready to invest, the company will directly provide you with details on how and where to invest. KPInvest does not charge any fees for the transaction so we can provide a fair and transparent service to our investors and partners.

No Investment Obligation

Our main priority is to ensure that investors have the final say, When you view offerings on our platform you can acquire more information, finalize your own due diligence before determining if the offering will be a good fit for your values and portfolio before you make the decision to invest

Communicate directly with company's executive team

We want your questions to be answered, when you inquire about investing in a company you get a chance to talk directly with the executive team (usually the CEO) and determine the value the investment will bring

Your own due diligence

We work with companies to examine and collect all the relevant offering information for investors which empowers them to make educated investment decisions based on their experience and knowledge of the industry as well as the growth potential of the company

How offerings are listed

Our process ensures that companies featured on our platform not only are impact makers but also help diversify investors portfolio


Companies apply to be on our platform and submit all relevant offering information


We work with them to gather all current updates and future plans to help create a detailed offering that depicts their company's future & vision accurately


Our team reviews and examines the business plan, growth strategy and the management team to determine the potential of the company


Once our due diligence is finalized, we work with companies to feature them on our platform to be explored by potential investors

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors communicate directly with companies on where and how to invest. KPInvest can provide services to companies to facilitate the transaction quick and efficient.

No. We do not charge any fees for investment in a company.

Once you’re interested in investing, you can click on the request information button the offering page to get more information about the business and how to invest

Companies go through our application process which analyzes their business plan, growth strategy and marketing strategy to ensure the viability and future growth potential.

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