An investment opportunity in a promising oil & gas company

Unicorn REH is an oil & gas company with a highly experienced leadership team. The company provides a unique and promising opportunity to invest in the oil and gas business. The main project has proved recoverable resources of oil & gas, with existing wells for redevelopment and significant growth from new wells, all exploited using the capital being raised by the company

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Why Invest?

Unicorn REH provides investors with a unique opportunity to invest in a business that has significant  proved resources, and the leadership with experience to execute the project successfully. Early progress shows promising results not only for the company but also the long term growth of the stock price.

The Opportunity

  • Unicorn projects have proven oil & gas resources, on leases with greater than 90% working interest
  • Estimated $559MM lifetime value of the project & projected $10M net revenue in the first 12 months of operation
  • 4220 acres of land held by production by the company with right to drill and operate
  • Experienced leadership capable of executing the project and growing the company
  • Positive Market Indicators
    • Oil barrel price expected to rise by 14% in 2021 (publish by U.S. Energy information administration) & Non-OPEC supply is set to plunge in 2021
Offering Details
$ 295000
Stock Price
$ 1
Min. Investment
$ 190
REG A Offering


The Triple Combo Project

Unicorn provides investors with a unique opportunity to invest in a business that has significant proved resources, and the leadership and experience to execute the project successfully. With the positive results to-date, projections of production and earnings will provide both short term and long term stock price growth.

The Triple Combo Project has proven oil and gas resources and existing wells and infrastructure. The initial investment will help redevelop the existing wells, and provide Unicorn with immediate cash flow while providing the foundation for long term stock price growth for investors.

  • Low risk development with proved resources in Fort Worth Basin in Texas
  • Current plan will provide immediate cash flow for the company
  • Unicorn REH has more than 90% working interest i.e. lease ownership, which includes right to drill and produce oil/gas
  • Company holds 4220 acres of lease, and will net at least 75% of revenue after royalty burdens are deducted
  • Many wells on the leases have proven resources but are not active, and the Company will reactivate with the capital raised from this investment
Oil refineries
  • Experienced leadership, including several executives from well-respected energy companies, with capabilities and experience in proven oil projects
  • Proven potential for the project waiting to be extracted with highly promising results for the future
  • Infrastructure for mining oil/gas is already in place, waiting to be turned on after initial investment has been acquired
  • Unicorn REH is a public company offering REG A & REG S shares
  • Experienced leadership with capabilities to create and implement the project details
  • State of the art applied technologies gives a competitive advantage and significant growth potential
  • Proven oil & gas resources present in the project basin
Barrels of oil eqivalent recoverable over the life of the project
18 MM+
Net revenue projection for for the lifetime of the project
$ 400 MM
Projected net revenue over the first 12 months
$ 1 MM
Why Unicorn REH is poised for Success
Competitive Advantages
  • Thickest and highest-quality oil reserves in the Ft. Worth Basin, due to its location in the “sweet spot” in the basin
  • Favorable contract price for Natural Gas & Natural Gas Liquids
  • Approximately 50/50 Liquids/Gas+NGLs ratio
  • Vertical well e-log database – more than 60 wells with e-logs on the 4000+ acres – is not available elsewhere in the Ft. Worth Basin Barnett play
  • Modern high-quality 3D seismic will be integrated with well database to create 3D reservoir models
Market Outlook

Oil prices expected to rise in 2021

  • Short Term Energy Outlook – U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) published Sep 9, 2020

    • “EIA forecasts Brent spot prices … will rise to an average of $49/bbl in 2021 as oil markets become more balanced”. (Brent spot price $41.83 on 9/24/2020)
    • “EIA expects that rising domestic demand and demand for LNG exports heading into winter … will cause Henry Hub spot prices to rise to a monthly average of $3.40.mcf in January 2021. and “…monthly average spot prices will remain higher than $3.00/mcf for all of 2021 …”
  • OPEC projects oil demand exceeding pre-virus levels in 2021: World Oil Magazine, July 14,


    • “The OPEC forecasts the demand for its crude will surge by 25% in 2021 to average 29.8 MMbpd, higher than the level required in 2019.”
    • “…OPEC and its allies are cutting production to clear the glut left behind by the Covid-19 crisis …”
    • “Non-OPEC supply is set to plunge by ..3.26 MMbpd in 2020, and will rise by only 920,000 bpd in 2021.”

Demand for oil increasing in 2021

Experience to execute

Leadership Team

Kerry Smith
Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
Mr. Smith has served in executive positions and directorships for several domestic and international oil and gas companies in his career. He has experience in all areas of oil and gas production, from the wellhead to P&L responsibility, and project management experience that includes strategic planning, operations enhancement, production enhancement, well stimulation, and evaluation of oil and gas reserves.
Tom Skirvin
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Skirvin has more than 30 years of experience as a geoscientist in the petroleum exploration and production industry. He worked for Shell Offshore, Incorporated as a Deepwater GOM exploration and development geologist, and at Benton Oil and Gas Company as Chief Geologist where he gained experience in rank exploration and development projects on several continents. Field development experience included leading teams of geoscientists and engineers executing long-term depletion programs and reserves evaluation in undeveloped and mature fields.

Don Pence
Director & Technical Advisor

Mr. Pence has more than 41 years of experience in all facets of drilling and operations management and supervision throughout North America with a succession of companies including Anadarko, Kerr McGee Oil & Gas, Oryx Energy, and Sun Oil Company. He has managed and directed large asset operations in several locations worldwide, including serving as Operations Manager responsible for all field operations in Louisiana and Texas with 300+ personnel and Manager of Enhanced Oil Recovery projects for several locations in Texas and Oklahoma.

Patrick Morris
Director, Senior Vice President & Legal Counsel

Mr. Morris has nearly 25 years of expertise in emerging markets, corporate governance, compliance, fraud detection, and corporate restructuring within the financial, energy, environmental services, and media industries. He co- founded and secured multimilliondollar funding for several growth companies in addition to transforming multiple companies through reorganization to create financing /refinancing solutions

Bill Priddy
Manager of Operations

Mr. Priddy has an extensive experience in the oil & gas industry spanning over 4 decades. He has spent much of his career specializing in production, work-over, completion, and drilling operations for various public and privately held operators in the mid-continent, and Ark-LaTex regions. He has considerable expertise with management, and economical production optimization techniques

John Murphy
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Murphy is a Chief Financial Officer with 25 years of corporate accounting experience in corporate capital transactions that include public and private venture funding, mezzanine, government and standard banking funding. He has expertise in consolidation of financial statements, communicating expectations, as well as strong analytic skills in budgeting and forecasting. Mr. Murphy’s skill set also includes providing executive leadership, financial strategies, business operations strategies and the management of financial resources and day to day accountability of the company’s business objectives.

Experience to execute

Board of Directors & Advisors

Mark Leonard
Director & Strategic Advisor

Mr. Leonard has 39 years of progressively more responsible experience in the oil and gas industry, from seismic acquisition and processing to generating, screening, and evaluating drillable prospects. He has a record of successes leading multidisciplinary teams and developing and running EP businesses worldwide with Royal Dutch Shell. Accomplishments at Shell include Director of New Business Development – Russia and CIS, Director – Shell Deepwater Services, Chairman of the Board – Eventure Inc, Director/ Chairman – Shell Technology Ventures Inc. Mark has extensive board experience, including University of Texas Geology Advisory Board 1999-2003 and Indiana University Geology Advisory board 2000-2011.

Joe Frantz
Strategic advisor to the board

Mr. Frantz has more than 35 years of industry experience working for operators such as Getty Oil, Texaco, Unbridled Energy and Range Resources, and high technology consulting firms including S.A. Holditch & Associates and Schlumberger DCS. He has been involved with hydraulic fracturing and reservoir engineering for most of his career and with horizontal shale well completions during the last 18 years. Joe has studied the Barnett Shale and brings relevant experience to Unicorn.

Joe Collonetta
Strategic advisor to the board

Mr. Colonnetta is a Dallas based investor with 30 years of Private Equity industry experience. From 1985 to 1996 he served in a variety of banking and corporate finance roles. From 1997 to 2011, Mr. Colonnetta worked for Hicks Muse Tate & Furst (Hicks Muse), a nationally prominent private equity firm in the United States. He served as a Partner of Hicks Muse beginning in 2003 where he led the energy investment effort. Since 2011, he has been the Founding and General Partner of HBC Investments, which focuses on private equity investments. In 2013 Mr. Colonnetta was appointed to serve on the Teachers’ Retirement System of Texas (Texas Teachers’ Board), where he serve s as the Chairman of the prominent Investment Committee.

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You have lots of experience in investing and want to make sure that the company's will stand their water, that is why KPInvest enables you to directly talk to the company's CEO or management team so you can ask all the questions that ensure the success of your investment.

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